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75th anniversary of the Studio Filmów Rysunkowych

The year 2022 for us was very busy and full of changes. A lot was going on throughout the facility thanks to several grants from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


75 years of creativity - the jubilee of the Studio Filmów Rysunkowych

The time of the anniversary was full of reflection on the past and celebration of the Studio's heritage. We reminisced but also looked to the future. We invested in new projects and engaged in unique ventures.

As part of the Studio's 75th anniversary celebration, we published a photo book "Myth, Magic, Genius Loci". This is not just a collection of photos, but an engaging story about the history of the Studio enriched with anecdotes and trivia. Meanwhile, the details of the filmmaking process in our Studio were brought closer by a special exhibition - "A Million Viewers" in Warsaw's Centrum Praskie Koneser.

Behind every film are its creators. We have dedicated to them our another project entitled "Weterani". In order to capture the memory of the artists and the Studio's daily work, we conducted a series of interviews with former employees. As a result, the Studio's history was revived before our eyes.

In addition, we created a series that is the story of the Studio in a nutshell. Each episode of "75 lat SFR" introduces viewers to a different aspect of the Studio's history and operation. The interviewees talked about the Studio's beginnings, talented artists, and future plans, showing the full range of SFR's artistic value. In addition, thanks to our partnership with GAD Records, we released 8 CDs of film music.

During the anniversary year, we began intensive work on two promising series. "Bystre Oczka" is aimed at children with vision impairment, and "Warzywne Biuro Śledcze" is a crime story for a young audience. Work is also underway on the feature-length film "Husarz", which will take viewers on a fascinating journey back in time to the 17th century.

The revolution has also extended to the Studio's space and surroundings. The purchase of equipment, the investment in software, the digitization and reconstruction of resources, the construction of a recording studio, and the design of the Interaktywne Centrum Bajki i Animacji OKO - these are the next steps on the way to creating a unique cultural and educational space.

SFR's anniversary was a beautiful time that inspired us to continue to develop. Three-quarters of a century of creativity, passion, and animation is just the beginning!

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