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An insightful story, well-thought-out narrative and unique aesthetics make "The Curse" not just a short film, but an intense journey through human relationships in the world of the future.

Category: animated, short

For whom: 12+

Duration: 8 min.

Year of production: 2020

Director: Piotr Kabat

Producer: Cartoon Film Studio

Co-production: Film Institution "Silesia Film"

The project is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute

Awards: -

Movie description:

A destructive and post-apocalyptic vision of our world, standing out from our other productions, with a strong impact thanks to futuristic music and bright colors. This short story shows how two seemingly unrelated beings have a huge impact on each other's lives. In its message, the production draws attention primarily to how carelessness of one person can mean suffering for another.

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