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  • Series

"Vegetable Bureau of Investigation" is not only entertainment for children aged 7-12 - it is a story that connects generations. Not only is the series devoid of profanity, which makes it safe for young audiences, but it also provides a thrill that adults will also appreciate.

Category: animated series

For whom: children 7-12 years old

Duration: 52 x 12 min.

Year of production: -

Director: vacat

Producer: Cartoon Film Studio

Co-production: -

Project co-financed by: -

Awards: -


A family vegetable series with plants in the main roles, with a lot going on and plenty of both laughter and thrills! The main character of this crime comedy is Lilia Wanilia, a young journalism student who, together with Sirius Pepper, solves the mysteries of alien creatures that haunt Plantowo. This is a series that connects generations - on the one hand, it is for teenagers without vulgarity, on the other hand, it is for adults, devoid of childishness, but with a whole range of jokes and pop culture references that will be a pleasant addition to the engaging story.

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