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The "Popocztek Kolory" project not only draws on the aesthetics of stop-motion animation, but also focuses on content. It is not just a film, but a moving and educational story. The story of the main character, whose dreams of color intersect with the grayness of life, is not only exciting, but also full of educational values.

Category: animated, medium-length

For whom: 12+

Duration: 16 min.

Year of production: 2024

Director: Barbara Koniecka

Producer: Cartoon Film Studio

Co-production: Film Institution "Silesia Film"

Project co-financed by: -

Awards: -

Movie description:

A short, reflective story with Silesia in the 1970s in the foreground. The main character tries to escape to the colorful world of her fantasy, but each time the grayness of life catches up with her and "brings her down to earth", which only intensifies her sense of depression. However, at some point there is a breakthrough... A story full of carbon, dust and soot, which is intensified by the presence of loose materials in stop-motion animation.

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