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  • Series

In the "Warzyczne Biuro Śledcze" series, full of secrets and extraordinary adventures, Lilia Wanilia, a determined reporter, strives to publish noteworthy articles in the local newspaper "Kurier Plantny".

Category: animated series, pilot episode

For whom: 7-12 years old

Duration: 15 min.

Year of production: 2024

Director: Katarzyna Wilk

Producer: Cartoon Film Studio

Co-production: -

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Awards: -


Pilot episode of the "Vegetable Investigation Bureau" series. Lilia Wanilia dreams of finally writing an article for the local newspaper - "Kurier Plantny". He sees a chance to make his debut in the case of the attack on Dżesika Jeżyna, which was allegedly committed by a monster from another world. However, the matter becomes even more complicated when Lilia's brother, Maksymilian, disappears. Sirius Pepper and the mysterious Pati Stick will help you solve this puzzle.

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